Saturday, December 13, 2008

There has been a full moon, in case you didn't notice. This is a shot from my balcony toward the beach. Friday evening I was at the Soggy Peso, my best friends bar/hotel, and actually had to come home because it was cold, at least for the island, 59 degrees last night. This is the end of my third month on Isla, with three more to go, after that, we'll I'll let you know whats next when it pops into my pointy little head. I'm a guest photographer at a wedding tonight. My friend Tiffany, the wedding planner, wants some extra shots of center pieces, etc., so I get to play. I'm glad I'm not the primary photographer, otherwise I'd be paralyzed with fear..........I don't want to screw up someones dream wedding! I threw in the other photograph, of the beach, just in case your somewhere where it realllllly cold and want to dream of warm sand. Cruel right, yea, thought so...............

For me the term "Chasing the Light" has more meaning then just a photography metaphor, It really means to follow your heart and seek out that which brings you joy and pleasure, so remember to "Chase the Light" in your day. Later

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  1. GREAT - like the layout, like the font colors and very much like your style of writing!